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Manual UP 01

This manual is about making games in Wild Pockets. (If you just want to play games, you don't need a manual. Just read the instructions on the webpage with the game.) To understand this manual, you will need programming skills. It is probably sufficient to have taken a single high-school course in programming. If you are a professional programmer, JavaScript developer, or ActionScript developer, you will have no difficulty. In addition to this manual, you will find several other sources of documentation:

  • The API Reference [1] can be accessed here, or by visiting the Function Documentation window in the builder.
  • The Lua Manual [2] is necessary to learn the Lua language.
  • The Builder Manual [3] provides a comprehensive introduction to the Wild Pockets game builder.
  • My First Game Tutorial [4] is an introductory game building tutorial, that will teach you the ropes of building your first game in Wild Pockets.
  • Sample Programs [5] can also be accessed directly from the Help menu in the development environment.
  • The Version History [6] provides a summary of major features added and bugs fixed in each release.

Good luck, and have fun!

Chap. 01 - Developing Games: Quick Start (v1.6)

Chap. 02 - Overview of Major Data Structures

Chap. 03 - The Timer Queue and Initialization

Chap. 04 - Background Jobs

Chap. 05 - Keyboard and Mouse

Chap. 06 - Moving Objects Around

Chap. 07 - Lua in Wild Pockets

Chap. 08 - Physics

Chap. 09 - The Camera

Chap. 10 - Animation

Chap. 11 - The GUI

Chap. 12 - Gizmos

Chap. 13 - Sound

Chap. 14 - Particle Systems

Chap. 15 - File Management (1.6)

Chap. 16 - Debugging Wild Pockets Games (1.5)

Chap. 17 - Creating Models and Animations

Chap. 18 - Payment System

Chap. 19 - Central Database

Chap. 20 - Engine Versions

Chap. 21 - Analytics

Chap. 22 - Facebook Integration

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